100 Days of Holiday Inspiration-What to do with Halloween Candy-55 Days and Counting

Happy Halloween!!
How excited were your kids this morning?  Did mentioning it's Halloween help get them moving?  It sure did for mine!  We are all looking forward to tonight.  As soon as they are home from school we will start the makeup and dress up process.  I'm just as excited as they are, this is truly my time of year!!  Finally the wind has calmed down and hopefully we won't freeze our tush's off tonight, but just in case we will be layering up under the costumes.
Oh and remember the Zombie Costume I made my daughter?  Here's what she looks like in full costume and makeup.

I'll post some more at the end.  For now, let's talk about all that Halloween candy they will get tonight.  What do you do with all of it?  Eat it?  All of it?!  My kids end up with 2 trick or treat buckets slam full and I don't want them consuming ALL of it.  Here's what we do:

Always, always, inspect your child's candy before they eat any of it.  If anything is opened, torn, looks suspicious or is not wrapped-toss it.  When in doubt, throw it out.

~Put all the melt able chocolate in one pile.  Find a container and stick this in the refrigerator.  Hide it if need be.
~Take away all the candy you DON'T want them to have.  You know, the kind that will pull out fillings.  Or just any you are not comfortable with them having.  Don't toss them yet.
~Take away all the candy you know they won't eat. 

~Put all that yummy chocolate in the fridge.
~Put all the other candy they can have in a zip lock bag or fall container.  In my house I have to hide it in the very top of a cabinet or my 2 will tear through it and eat every little piece in one night like mighty mouse.  (We had a "mighty mouse" once.  That little booger could not be caught and it would eat anything: medicine, sugar, anything in a bag, and would eat the dang cheese from the trap without setting it off.  Kid.You.Not.  It finally ate through the package of rat poison and committed suicide.)
~All the candy you don't want them to have or you know they won't eat, SAVE.   You can do 1 of 2 things with it.


Typically local churches will ask for any unwanted candy to fill goodie bags for the homeless on Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Bag it up and send to one of them.


Save it for making a Gingerbread House at Christmas.  We always by a base kit and there is never enough candy to truly fill one up, so we save all our unwanted candy to add to it. 

Finally, before you go out Trick or Treating tonight, remember safety measures:
1-Stay in a group and never let your children out of sight
2-Carry a flashlight or glow stick
3-For dark costumes, make sure you have some type of reflector or glow stick on the front and back of your child
4-Watch out for other people and cars, as much as you watch after your own
5-Never let them eat any candy until you have inspected it all
6-Bundle up
7-Have fun!

From our house to yours, have a BOOtiful and FRIGHTfully FUN HALLOWEEN!

Until next time...
Amy~The Dixie Diva


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