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That Thing Called Life...Setbacks

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all having a great start to the summer.  I'm very sorry for the long pause between posts, but our family has had a lot going on and I've needed to put my focus on my family first.  I wanted to write a quick post to update you all on what has been going on the past few weeks.

1st-Trying to prepare for a craft fair
2nd-Last 2 weeks of school for my daughter were slam packed with field trips, awards, field day, beach blast day, ect, ect.
3rd-Dance-extra practices, photos, recital practice and the big recital
4th-We had a total of 4 kittens to die and found in our front yard.  A neighbor's dog got out of his kennel and from what we can tell, just wanted to play with them-but it was a 100+ pound rott.
5th-My son was ATTACKED by a cat.
6th-My daughter's lab work came back and shows that she is borderline diabetic, and has to go back for additional testing.

It felt like we had more drama going on around here than one story line of a daytime soap op…

Craft Fair Set Up

Happy TGIF y'all!

We have one more week of school here, and hopefully things will settle down and I can find my groove again.  This week we have been re cooperating from the past two weeks.  I saw that my home town was doing a festival on Memorial Day and the proceeds were to benefit 3 local families that have children battling different forms of cancer.  I decided (at the last minute) to be a vendor.  When I signed up I thought I had plenty of time until Memorial Day, but I really didn't.  So began the frantic dash to prepare.  Here's what I did to set up my booth, and kept things very inexpensive.

First, I have really been wanting a good way to display my bows and new key chains I had made.  The little stand my father in law made ended up not being big enough.  I wanted my hubby to make me a stand, but there wasn't enough time.  However it's on the "honey-do" list now.  For the time being, I went to good old Wal-Mart and bought tri fold display boards. …