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Pinterest Copycat - Dresser Remake

Linking up for Project Pinterest with in the hills of North Carolina and It's on the Tip of My Tongue.  Make sure you check in with these great ladies and their weekly Pinterest copy cat versions!

This past Saturday I had a yard sale at my house.  I cleaned out my entire storage building (you could not set foot in it without worrying something was going to fall on you!).  I had these 2 dressers that used to be in my son's room.

As you can see, the front drawers started to fall apart.  They lasted about 3 years; sad isn't it?  I ended up switching them out for some older, heavy duty ones that used to be my grandmother's.  (I gave those a face-lift too and will try to find the photos to post soon.)  I put these out at the yard sale and kept thinking--"Someone will have a Pinterest idea for these."  

The later on it got, I began thinking about another great blogger friend, Robin, over at Garage Sales R Us.  Robin loves to go to garage sales and get great buys and d…

Manic Monday-Craft Fair Planning

Do you ever have one of those days that you don't know where you're at, what you're doing or where you are going?  Well that's the way I'm feeling these days!  I seriously need an agenda for my agenda.

Last week was total bust.  A few nights of storms, another sinus migraine, a 4 year old getting out of the house and missing while I was in the shower-yeah, that happened!  My daughter was asleep and my 4 year old son was in bed, hubby wasn't home.  I took a shower.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I get out and see if he's asleep-he wasn't in his room.  I start calling his name as I walk down the hall-nothing.

Ok, he must have gone out to see the kittens a mama cat so graciously brought up to the porch.  Twice earlier in the day he did that, and both times I thought: "I must not have locked the deadbolt-because I know he can't get that open."  But I can promise you when I got in the shower it was locked/deadbolt…

Emergency Preparedness & Awareness

We had several rounds of storms last week and to be on the safe side I unplugged my computer every night, along with other electronics.  The kids couldn't stand it because that meant no satellite tv, but it gave us a chance to review our emergency preparedness plans which I will share with you here.

There are a multitude of websites out there to help you fully prepare for inclement weather and other disasters, which I will link up to on this blog, but I am going to give you a quick rundown of what we do.  Now remember this is just what works for us to give you a guide on where to begin.

I had a talk with my daughter a long time ago about what we do if there are tornado warnings out.  She is very inquisitive and took everything in so well that the first time we had to act on it, she never panicked.  I remember going in to her room in the middle of the night carrying a flashlight and saying:
"Carson, I need you to get up and put your shoes on.  There is a tornado warning and w…

Manic Monday & Storms

It was harder than normal to get up this morning with all the rain we were getting.  My lucky hubby was off today and got to enjoy a lazy morning, but after having to work all weekend he deserved it.  Would be nice if that would happen on my day off!

Tonight I had to replace a needle in my serger for the first time.  It broke Saturday night while I was trying to finish Mother's Day gifts (procrastinate much??).  I ended up in the after church rush to buy gifts since I did not get to finish the cute bags and key chains I had planned.

Once I finally figured out the right way to put the need in place, it was back to business on a larger than normal custom order.  All while trying to get the kids to clean there rooms.  I heard to bottom drop out from the sky as a second round of storms were upon us.  I checked to see if my poor hubby was still stuck on the lawnmower but thankfully he got under the carport of his parents next door.  It was pounding against the house.

Once the rain paus…

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Mother's Day!

I woke up this morning (late) for church and had to hustle to get myself and 2 sleepy heads ready and out the door.  I knew my oldest wouldn't be a problem as she jumped right up to see how much the tooth fairy had left her for tooth #4 that she lost yesterday (after working on the blasted thing all day, making me all but sick to look at it as it wiggled and stuck out at un-gravitational angles).

I've locked myself in the bathroom to try and get ready, yelling "get dressed and leave the cat ALONE!", when my daughter bursts through the door and says: "Happy Mother's Day Mommy!"  So I couldn't fuss at the intrusion, it was a pleasant unexpected surprise.

Fast forward to the ride home from church.  My youngest, out of the blue, says "Happy Mother's Day Mommy!"  So sweet from my little 4 year old.  Then, both children start making up their own offbeat Mother's Day songs and singin…

Stash Bash Tutorial-Little Girls Nightgown

Sorry for the two day delay in this post.  I spent Thursday evening in bed with a massive sinus migraine.  I HATE this time of year...mainly because it seems to hate me.  I love the fall and winter time: no bugs, no pollen, no humidity.  Ugh.
On a better note, I spent last night celebrating my mom's birthday with her.  Doing the total girly thing-shopping at the mall!   Mom scored a new pair of shoes and new books courtesy of my sister and I.  It was a wonderful time.

Ok, back to business.  I am combining these two-Stash Bash and Tutorial Friday-to show you how I made a couple of cute nightgowns for my daughter.  I realized this past week that she can only wear about 2 sets of warm weather pj's from last year.  (How do we keep them from growing so fast??)  So now not only does she need summer clothes, she needs pj's as well.  All I can think of is my checking account creeping in to the red!  She has moved up in size to the 7-16 department, which means 1) the clothes look t…

Pattern Review-The Little Lizard King

Pattern Review Wednesdays are going to be where I talk about and review one of my favorite pattern makers and the outfits made from their patterns.  These patterns are my preferred method of dress making.  The directions are always clear and have photos of most all the steps.  Stress free sewing!  The best part about these patterns and what makes them stand out from store bought ones, is that you can use the same pattern OVER AND OVER again for MULTIPLE sizes.  No more worrying about cutting (or tearing) a tissue thin pattern and not being able to use it for the other sizes listed.

I love to give credit where credit is due.  Some may say I shouldn't give out my sources, but the ladies that make the beautiful patterns for the dresses we make deserve some love too.  We all start out somewhere and need a little encouragement to get there.  The patterns that I am reviewing are hand created by other moms for all to purchase.  Their talent is endless and I love to see what they come up w…

Pinterest Slow Cooker 7up Chicken and Rice

Linking up for Project Pinterest with in the hills of North Carolina and It's on the Tip of My Tongue.  Make sure you check in with these great ladies and their weekly Pinterest copy cat versions!

I am always looking for a simple dinner recipe to make and a crock pot one is even better.  I'm really not much of a cook, that's my husband's department.  I like to bake, decorate cakes and cupcakes, you know-all the real fatty stuff!  But his long hours have left me and the kiddos eating way to many sandwiches and Chef Boy Are Dee so I had to have an intervention.

Bring in to play this wonderful website called Pinterest.  Love.Me.Some.Pinterest.  I have found many craft items to try out, but some of the recipes lately have had my attention.  One in particular is this Slow Cooker 7up Chicken and rice.  I used to make a similar version, only instead of a crock pot I actually browned the meat in the skillet, removed it and then added my cream of chicken, milk/water and rice (…

Manic Monday and Free Blog Design

I'm still here!  It's been a hectic couple of weeks and I fell of the blogger wagon.  I know I'm not the only one, some of my favorite blogger moms have been MIA as well!

This past week got away from me in a hurry.  I had two complete custom orders to make and I've been consumed with working on my graphics (notice the new design?).  I was able to get free backgrounds and banners from The Cutest Blog on the Block.  They have some really nice graphics, backgrounds, and buttons that are very easy to use.

I also wanted to update my Etsy shop and unfortunately have not been able to locate any free graphics.  I have found numerous people who will create designs for you, but it can get a little pricey if you do everything at once.  I chose to break mine down a little at a time.  I really can't decide on my own personal logo yet so I honestly hated to invest much in to it.  Then I found G3Graphics on Etsy.  She has a bunch of different pre-made designs that are really pret…