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Continuing on with our 100 Days of Holiday Inspiration, today's craft is Felt Witches Hats.  These are so cute and can be used for so many different things.  They are mini in size, perfect for decor or for dressing up you daughter's baby doll.  (I've even considered trying to get one on my cat, if she'll let me!)
These little cuties can be purchased at Punch Place Plus in quantities of 5.  If you are having a Halloween party this year then you should consider stocking up on these.  Great to "make and take" crafts for guests or as party favors in general.
I decided to decorate one like my favorite Halloween treat: Candy Corn.  All you need for this besides the hat is some ribbon, DST (Double Stick Tape, also at Punch Place Plus) and any additional decorations (like the candy corn resin pictured below.)  Also, it's a good idea to heat seal your ribbon ends by running them quickly through a flame like a lighter or a candle.  Be careful not to singe them or catch fire.
(Note: The DST comes in handy for so many different crafts.  I use it all the time and a roll lasts for a long time.)

Next, line each strand of ribbon with some of the DST.
Now start wrapping from the bottom up, making sure to smooth out as much as you can.  Because of the cone shape the ribbon will not lay perfectly flat, but I really like the way it gives it more character.


The last thing I did was take my candy corn resin and affix it to the front with some hot glue.

Ta da!  I think it's a cute addition to our holiday decor.  At least for as long as it stays there.  Once dear daughter finds it, I'm sure it will end up atop a doll's head.

What do you think about my little candy corn mini witch hat?

Until Next Time...


Amy~The Dixie Diva


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