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19 Weeks Pregnant & Getting Ready for Halloween

I cannot believe it's been since May that I wrote anything.  We've just been extremely busy and consumed with the pregnancy.  However, I have finally gotten back in the swing of things with crafts and sewing.  Here's a quick glimpse at what I've been up to.

I reorganized my crafting/sewing station.  Not sure how much longer it will work though.  I have about a 10" opening to squeeze through and the bigger the belly gets, the harder that will be to manage.

Halloween dresses for sale on my Facebook page and Etsy shop.

Loopy Scarves now available in school colors too!

So I've been a busy little mama these past few months.  We've also been working on some home improvement ideas to get ready for our newest edition to arrive before Christmas.  I can't wait to get started making holiday outfits for my 8 year old daughter, 5 year old son and the new born baby girl when she gets here!

Oh, and we also started our very first garden this year.  We have more cucumb…