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We're Expecting

That explains a lot doesn't it??  I've been so tired and overwhelmed that I haven't even had time to think about working on my blog lately.  Hopefully that will change soon as I still have several tutorials and such to post about.  My computer flipped out completely about a month ago and I had to do a system restore.  I'm still going through usb files to make sure I have all my photos.  Soon as I can I will be back with more crafts and reviews!

In the meantime, I've started a new blog to follow along with my pregnancy.  I have two beautiful children ages 5 and 8 already, but I didn't keep anything after my son was born.  We decided that was it and we were done.  Now, I'm starting all over.  We've had some interesting things happen already, some good and some bad.  I decided to start up the new blog as a way to let other people know they may not be alone in some areas.  Seems that there are some "grey" areas that a lot of people don't talk …