100 Days of Holiday Inspiration-Spider Web-80 Days & Counting

Pipe Cleaner Spider Web Decoration
This is a really cute and fun craft to make with the kids.  All you need is some pipe cleaner, pom poms, google eyes, glue and your imagination.

Start by taking 2 pipe cleaners and make an X.  Gently wrap them around each other to secure.

Next add a 3rd one and twist around the middle.

Take a 4th pipe cleaner and lay it out to make a circle in the middle.
Start twisting around each of the stems sticking out.

Continue around...

until you have a circle.

Now take 2 more pipe cleaners to make the top circle.

Once you have them in place, begin to "shape" the pipe cleaners with a little more dimension to look like a spider web.

For the next part, lay out some pom poms in the shape of a centipede.  Glue them together (I used hot glue but you could also use glue dots).

I took some smaller pom poms and glued my google eyes to them.


Add to the end of the centipede.
Make some little insects the same way.  Use a larger pom pom for the body, smaller for the head and attach google eyes and short pieces of pipe cleaner for the legs.
Then start gluing your little critters to the spider web and you are done!
I hope you are enjoying the Halloween season as much as we are.  My daughter and I just finished watching the Halloween Wars marathon on Food Network.  It is so fun to watch them transform pumpkins and cakes.  We have set our DVR to record all the creative Halloween shows coming on this week.  What is your favorite show to watch this month??
Until next time...
Amy~The Dixie Diva



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