100 Days of Holiday Inspiration-Toilet Paper Pumpkins-96 Days & Counting

Holiday Countdown 2012

100 Days of Crafts, Gifts & More

96 Days till Christmas

63 Days till Thanksgiving

41 days till Halloween
I must seriously be blogger illiterate.  I schedule, make sure the time zone is correct, and yet it still doesn't upload.  So for the next few days you may see 2 blogs a day while I play catch up to Blogger.  Grrrr.
Counting down with more Halloween crafts.  Today's craft is a simple TP Pumpkin.  That's right, the toilet paper pumpkin.  I saw these posted on a friend's page and couldn't believe when she said how easy they were made.  Here's the supplies you need:
Toilet Paper
Orange Tissue Paper
Brown Tissue Paper or an Empty TP Roll
Green Ribbon

Next I took a sheet of orange tissue and folded it in half length wise and put the toilet paper on it to start rolling.

Just roll it up and tuck in each end to secure it in place.  I took an empty toilet paper roll and crumpled it then placed it in one end to make a "stem".  You could also use brown tissue paper.
All I did to finish it was tie on some green ribbon to look like leaves and that's it! 
You could also cut out triangle eyes, nose and silly mouth to make it a jack o lantern.  I kept them this way so I could use beyond Halloween.
These would make cute decorations for a guest bathroom or just anywhere you would like to add some fall cheer through out your home.
Let me know what you think.  Have you tried these before?  If so, what did you do different?  I would love to hear from you!
Next up will be another pumpkin, but this one made with Dyer Pipe.  Come back tomorrow to check it out!
Until next time....
Amy~The Dixie Diva



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