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Ribbon Pumpkins
I found the idea for these from a Michaels' pin on Pinterest.  Their version was to take pumpkins and wrap in decorative paper and tie some tulle on the stem.  I did mine slightly different.
First, check out your local Dollar Store for great decorating help.  Seriously you will be amazed with how inexpensive things are.  (You'll see me referencing them a lot in this series.)  I found these super cute "carveable" pumpkins there.  Supposedly you can carve them like a real pumpkin but that's not what I had in mind.
A craft group I am in posted a Craft Wars challenge to re-create a decorative item using certain ribbon.  I decided to make these Michaels' inspired pumpkins using ribbon instead of paper.

I snagged several of these to decorate.

Next I took my ribbon and measured around the pumpkin to see how much I would need and then cut out the ribbon I wanted to use.

I used double sided tape and lined the back of the ribbon and then began to wrap around the pumpkin.

Easy peasy!  Here's another.

I have one more of these to decorate that I will be showing you tomorrow.  Really cute and great for the kids to help out with.  You can use these ideas on real pumpkins too, but I went with artificial so I can use them year after year.

Until next time....


Amy~The Dixie Diva


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