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Today I really wanted to make a crafty pumpkin I found the idea for on Pinterest.  Making a pumpkin from dryer duct and spray paint.  I had a list of supplies to get on my shopping list and away I went to the big hardware super store.  I scan the isles finding what I need for various other projects and finally get to the dryer pipe.
Sticker Shock!
I found that the cheapest dryer duct that would work started at $10 and went to $20, and would probably only create one pumpkin at best.  Still skeptical, I went to the spray paint and to get the color I needed it would have added another $5 on to that.
$15-$25 total for a creative pumpkin was not in the budget.  I want cheap, inexpensive DIY projects.  When the supplies end up more than what it would cost just to go buy one then I'll pass.  But you can be the judge.
Here's the link for a photo of one. You simply take the duct, curve it to form a circle and secure with glue and then spray paint it orange.  Use a piece of wood for them stem or a toilet paper roll.
There could be cheaper place to buy dryer duct, you may have some extra laying around your home.  Or that $10 pack may have stretched out enough to do more than one pumpkin.  When I think of cheap DIY decor I picture the whole project being $10 or less.
Let me know what you think on this one.  Have you made one?  Am I a stingy penny pincher?  Am I totally looking in the wrong place for supplies?  I'm open to all opinions and suggestions, I love hearing from you!
Check back tomorrow for more Holiday Inspiration and the official first day of fall!
Until then...
Amy~The Dixie Diva 


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