100 Days of Holiday Inspiration-Dry Erase Board-99 Days & Counting

Holiday Countdown 2012
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99 Days till Christmas
66 Days till Thanksgiving
44 days till Halloween
DIY Dry Erase Board
Actually it's more of a Dry Erase Stand.  This is super simple, super cheap, and super cute to make.  First, get a frame of your choice from your local Dollar Store.
Take a sheet of lined notebook paper, or even decorative paper, and place inside the frame.

Now grab some accessories.  I chose some flower heads and rhinestones but you can even add ribbon, painted wood flowers/stars/letters ect.

Decide where you want them on the frame and glue in place with hot glue, e6000, or super glue.

Ta Da!

Now just package with a dry erase pen and your gift is all set.  This is a great gift for teachers, Sunday school teachers, mentors or just anyone that would like to have a nice way to make a quick note.  It doesn't break the bank and it's a unique gift.

Tomorrow I will be showing the first of several pumpkin crafts to bring in the Halloween season. 

Until then...


Amy~The Dixie Diva


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