Manic Monday-Ultimate Blog Party

Good Monday Morning!

I am starting out this week with the Ultimate Blog Party.  I have to thank Angela over at Binge Crafter for linking up to the Ultimate Blog Party and letting us all in on this great idea.  I had not heard of UBP before but I am so thankful she shared this.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

The UBP is a great way to meet other blogger mom/crafty ladies, that you share the same passions with, make new friends as well as get your blog out there for others to enjoy.  Through this party you introduce yourself to others and let them know what your blog is about.

That Thing Called Life-A Day In The Life of a Crafty Mom, was actually the name of a post I was working on when I decided it was fitting to my personality and what I was sharing as well.  I had a great idea for a blog series-100 days of holiday crafts and gifts-but "that thing called life" got in the way with sick kids, husband, myself, car name it.  It happens, as I'm sure you are all very much aware!  It was too big a task for my first blog series.

Since then i just started to write about current projects, ideas and some tutorials.  To get my blog a little more organized, I have created a six week series that has a topic each day, Monday thru Friday.  Here's what they are:

Manic Monday-Typically a short blog letting you know what's in store for the week, and what I may have gotten in to over the weekend.

Pinterest Copycat Tuesday-It's time to start trying out some of these "Pins". I will pick something found on Pinterest, make my own version, and share with you the pros/cons of what took place.

Review Wednesday-Reviewing some of my favorite pattern designers.  All patterns are made by moms just like us, with a special talent for designing and teaching us how to make adorable outfits for our kids and ourselves.

Stash Bash Thursday-Inspired by Crunchy Catholic Momma.  This will be where I show you how to make something with items I have on hand, using up my current "stash", before running to the store to buy new items.

Tutorial Friday-My own tutorials for crafts and patterns.  I still have a long way to go, but through this I will start to show you some of the basics.

For now that's where my little blog is headed and I sure hope you will stop back by to join me on this adventure.  You can also check me out online at my website, Face book or Etsy pages.

Until then...



  1. Hello there!
    I found you through UBP12! I am also a crafter but I get my craft inspiration through things I find at garage sales! I can't wait to see what you whip up next! Check us out at when you have time! I will be following!


  2. Aloha,

    I'm visiting/ following from the UBP, oh, and I'm so addicted I'm following you on pinterest too-- is that too stalkerish, hmm... ;)

    I would love it if you stopped by and joined the ride. We're a new little blog, but we're a good little blog.


  3. Thanks so much for stopping by ladies! I am really excited about the UBP 12. This is such a great experience :)

  4. Your blog looks great! I'll stop back after the party to go over your crafty ideas better :)


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