Water Balloon Yarn Eggs

Yes, that's right.  Water Balloon Yarn Eggs. 

I have been promising the kids a chance to do some decorating and crafts for Easter.  Pinterest is loaded with ideas, but so are several bloggers out there.  This idea was originally brought to my attention by mom blogger Crafty Endeavor.  Her instructions were as follows:

Items Needed:
water balloons
yarn, lace or embroidery floss
liquid starch

  • Blow up the water balloons like a regular balloon.  They are much smaller and make the perfect egg shape.
  • Mix 1 cup liquid starch with half a cup of flour
  • unwind your yarn/floss and gradually lay it in the glue mixture (we put ours in deep paper plates so we could keep the floss from sticking to itself
  • start winding the gooey string around the balloon, pulling it through your fingers as you do so it takes off the extra glue.
  • Let them dry.
We put ours on newspaper and I had to keep moving them around to dry.  The ideal way to dry them is to put them on a clothesline (or make shift one) with a clothespin.

Oh and keep plenty of paper towels and wet wipes handy.  You don't want to try and unravel another skien of floss with that goop on your hands!!

After letting them dry over night, I took a straight pin and popped the balloons.  WARNING.  You may want to turn your head, close your eyes or wear some goggles.  The first one I popped sent dried up corn starch glue everywhere, including my eyes--which are already uber sensitive to the season.

Finished product came out quite cute.

Carson took one to each of her teachers at school.  She was so proud of her efforts!

Hope everyone has a blessed and safe Easter Holiday weekend.



  1. You made it look easy and they came out SUPER cute!! I'm going to try this next year!

  2. Thanks Morgan! I may try them again later this year with regular size balloons and yarn. I think they would make cute party decorations to hang from the ceiling :)

  3. Love it, they turned out great and I bet that Carson's teachers were impressed with her eggs! Wonderful job on the tutorial and great suggestion about protective eye wear! You go girl! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Those are wonderful! I'd wanted to try that project this year, but we never got around to it. Next year!

  5. These are really great and I really want to try bigger ones as well. Hopefully I'll get to do them again this year and I'll post on it :)


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