Pinterest Tuesday-Chore Chart

Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to show you all an idea I got from Pinterest for a great editable chore chart that I customized for both of my children.  My oldest has been begging to start helping out with chores, I have no idea why but I am truly grateful, so I did some research for an easy to follow chore chart.

I found this Visual Chore Chart on Pinterest a few weeks ago and it is perfect.  I was able to download and open it through Microsoft Word and edit it just how I wanted.  This mom has hers customized with each child's photo and clip art of each chore required of them.  This added bit of character can make even the most tedious chore a little more fun.

I made mine just a little bit different.  Under the column with the child's photo, I listed daily "to do's" like brushing our teeth, brushing our hair, reading a book and cleaning up our rooms.  These simple tasks have felt more like "chore's" lately, so they fit nicely.  Next, under each day's column there are 2 or 3 tasks listed.  I used some of the clip art already on the form and then searched online clip art through MS Word for the rest.  Of course my 4 year old wanted his own chart, and the pictures make it so much easier for him since he cannot read yet.

At the end of each day, they each get to put little stickers on the chores they completed.  Amazingly these little stickers are a great motivation tool and they are sometimes so eager that they jump ahead to other chores.

If you do not have a color printer (like us), then you could always color the photos or have your little ones color them.  Also add things on the list each day if you have soccer, dance, church, ect.  This is a good way to help them remember what comes each day of the week instead of "Mom, when are we going so in so again??".  Another option, if you have a color printer to print these on, then have them laminated and let your  kiddo use dry erase markers to check off the chores as the complete them.

These are just a few suggestions and what works for us.  Do you have a chore system for your children?  What age did you start implementing chores in your home?  (Mine are 4 and 7).  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Check back tomorrow for Pattern Review Wednesday where I will give you the lowdown on another one of my favorite pattern designers.  Until then...


Amy~The Dixie Diva


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