Manic Monday-The Double Birthday Party Weekend

So did everyone make it through Monday?  I dislike Monday's very much, and my crazy cat agrees with me.  He didn't want me to work either today, so he politely took over my desk.

Last week was a great week.  I had so much fun with the Ultimate Blog Party, and met a lot of great people.  If I'm not following your blog yet, please make sure to comment with the link and I will!

This weekend I had to get ready for my son's 4th birthday party we were having at home, and my dear friend's daughter turned 1 yesterday and I helped with it as well.  6 dozen plus cupcakes, 2 cakes, full decor and cleaning at my home.  I didn't get much sleep, but that's always the big joke everyone says about me.  "How does she do it all?"  "She never sleeps."  Not quite a lie, but I know my limits.  I had a blast though and love having "home made" birthday parties.

Bubba had a Cars themed birthday party.  I ordered bottle cap images from a seller on Etsy, had them printed, punched them out with a 1" scrapbooking punch, ran them through my Xyron sticker maker and sandwiched a toothpick in between 2 of them.  Perfect cupcake toppers!

Ignore the photo of that double sided tape up there in yellow.  Don't ever buy the double sided "removable" tape.  It wouldn't hold a light weight crepe paper streamer to the wall.   Yea, I wasn't a happy camper.

Here's the final set up of Bubba's party.

Wrap water bottles in duck tape for a great effect.  (Pinterest find)  I did this same thing with my daughter's birthday party.

Cupcakes, cake, fruit, chips, pizza rolls and pigs-n-a-blanket.   Plastic table cloth is held in place with some more of that great duck tape, another table cloth hung on the wall with crepe paper accents, and the flamming flower pots.

Close up of the cupcakes.

This is a tapestry piece I bought to make wall decor in my son's room but haven't been able to yet.  I wrapped and pinned it around our big mirror!

Next up was a pink and black zebra themed Princess Party for a precious 1 year old.  I made her this tutu and bow, and bought a Tullip iron on decal for her onsie.

While at Joann's, I found the perfect candy molds by chance.  They are actually cupcake topper candy molds!  I found the cupcake liners at Hobby Lobby, and even found matching balloons and candles (sorry, no picture of those).

Then I made her a very simple baby cake with light color icing.  No stains!

All in all it was a great weekend.  Both parties went very smoothly with 2 very tired momma's at the end.  It was all worth it.  Out of pocket, I spent less than $50 on my son's party!  You just can't beat that!

If you or anyone you know might be interested in a tutu/onsie/tee combo, please send me a message and I will be happy to custom make one for any occasion.  I hope to have these up on my Etsy page soon.

What do you think of our little parties?  And most importantly, how did you spend you weekend?  Did you attend a birthday party, craft up a Pinterest find, or do the sensible thing and rest??  I'd love to hear from you!


Amy~The Dixie Diva


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