100 Days of Holidays-Elf on the Shelf-15 Days & Counting

We first heard about the Elf on the Shelf last year and watched the short TV show on it.  So cute and the kids loved it.  I decided to get them one, only to find they were no where to be found!  This year however they seem to be in vast supply.  Do you have one yet?

There are so many different versions: the standard elf, the plush elf and even some very creative hand made elves.  My kids were over the moon when they found out Santa made an early visit and dropped on off outside by our Christmas lights.  Not sure it was the best idea though; my 7 year old nearly had a meltdown when we reminded her the story says she cannot touch him.  Holy cow, I thought for sure the elf would report back to Santa with her on the naughty list.  He was delivered inside his package, hardback book and all.  Next year though, he better just show up where they can't be tempted to reach him.  Sheesh.

The purpose of the Elf on the Shelf is that he sits quietly all day, watching over wee ones, then reports nightly back to Santa about their behavior.  But only through the Christmas season. 

Hey Santa, can he pop back in through out the year??  This is helping somewhat in the behavior department!!

How creative and sneaky that little guy (or gal) can be.  So far he has appeared in the following places:

On the mantle
On the deer head
In the Christmas tree
In the fireplace (the fireplace is not used and has a glass front)
Various spots in the kitchen, and even left a message stating "I C U" with mommy's wax candle beads
He toilet papered the bathroom
Took mommy's tulle and draped it all over her craft station
He has tormented mommy
He's hung out with a couple Barbie pals
He fixed the big clock in the living room
He showed up in the freezer
Made a hammock with a scarf
In the ceiling fan

The best one was in my son's room.  Skipper (our elf's name) took all the Thomas trains and made a huge circle, then took Harold the helicopter and took him hostage. 

My son's only question was when was he getting Harold back.  Both of my two just laughed and laughed!  It's been helpful getting them awake in the morning as well.  A race to see who finds him first.

Have you started the Elf on the Shelf tradition in your home yet?  What has been the most creative appearance from your elf friend?

Until next time...
Amy~The Dixie Diva


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