100 Days of Holiday Inspiration-Hair Bow Basket-20 Days & Counting

The original title of my blog is, "That Thing Called Life", because let's face it: it happens.  I realize I have been MIA for a while and I have a long list of reasons why, but we'll save that for later.  Why don't we get back to some great gift ideas? 

First, let me show you what I woke up to this morning...

Just as the sun was coming up, so beautiful.

Ok, let's make a hair bow basket.  If you already make hair bows and are anything like me, you have a stash of them.  If you do not make hair bows, find someone you know that might make them for you or dabble in making some yourself.  There are some great tutorials on You Tube.


A basket or flower pot
Floral foam
Skewer sticks
Duck tape
Hair bows

I had these great round floral foam pieces I found at the Dollar Tree a while back and stocked up on them.  Also in my stash was this really cute basket with the inside round and a perfect fit for the foam.

All you do next is clip your hair bows on the skewer sticks and arrange them any way you like.  I filled it with some shredded paper so you wouldn't see the green circle.  If you have some trouble getting the hair bows to stay put on the skewer, use some trusty duck tape to hold in place.

This was a birthday gift for a sweet little girl turning 5.  I included hair bows for the different holidays and she loved it.  You could do this for Christmas, birthdays, anything you can think of.

Finished project.

Anybody out there a Twi-nerd like me?  If so you can relate when I say that I had the same problem as Bella's mom in the first book where electronics run away from me.  I finally got a replacement battery for my camera and I am happily filling it up with bloggie pics and I'm ready to upload.  However the cord to download the pics with mysteriously disappeared.  You see, I try really hard to get/stay organized but the problem is that when I do, I can't find anything.  Seriously.  I bought two new rolls of tulle that stayed missing for two months until out of no where they appeared this weekend.

Add to this the final few weeks of elementary football and cheerleading as we were preparing for the competition and play offs.  Sadly our little girls didn't win the competition (although we were told they should have) but our little Kindergarten-2nd grade boys won their championship!  Now, throw in a nasty ear infection and getting ready for 2 holiday shows.  I've been super super busy, but things are finally calming down.  I have one more custom order to complete and then I can RELAX.  Maybe.

I'm loading up some more tutorials and blogs today to post over the next few days.  I cannot believe we are this close to Christmas!! What happened??

I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying your holiday season so far.  I would love to hear what crafts you have been up to!

Until next time....
Amy~The Dixie Diva


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