100 Days of Holiday Inspiration-Black Friday-47 Days & Counting

We are officially 2 weeks to Thanksgiving and 2 weeks until the start of that crazy Christmas shopping marathon.  Have you got your list ready yet?

I have been hawking down the Black Friday websites since the end of October and finally today the big one came out: Wal-Mart.  Have you seen the ad yet?  Click here for all the Black Friday Ads.

My girlfriend called me this morning squealing: It's here! It's here!  Now I can finally decide what can be purchased now and what has to wait until the big shopping day.

I've already been through all the other stores and made my list, but I have to wait on good ol' Wally World's ad before I make my final decisions.  They are going to have Monster High dolls for $10 starting at 8pm on Thanksgiving.  Whoo hoo!  Those bad boys are usually $20 and up.  These may not have all those extra little trinkets, who knows, but I don't care.  My dear daughter has circled them in every toy ad so far and it's the main thing she wants.  Jackpot.

Do you get as excited as I do for Black Friday or do you avoid it like the plague?  For me it all depends on what the kids are asking for.  Two years ago my mom and I started at midnight on Black Friday at Wal-Mart, went to eat at Jack in the Box, sat in the car outside of Sears and took a nap preparing for the 4am sales, then hit K-mart at 5 and back over to Wal-Mart for one last run.  All-nighter.  Honestly, it was a lot of fun.  Everywhere that I go on Black Friday I find NICE, FRIENDLY shoppers.  Now I'm not one to get in line for that big screen TV or a video game console either.

Last year I did all my Black Friday shopping online and it was great.  But the catch was all these deals that were to start at midnight were not available online until about 3am...but there was nothing to say that.  I repeatedly hit refresh for 3 hours before the items I was looking for became available, but it was worth it.  And free shipping on all of it.  All from the warmth of my couch!

I'm a little over excited for some reason this year, I just can't wait to get this holiday started!!  Tell me about your Black Friday adventures and how you plan to spend it this year!

Until next time...
Amy~The Dixie Diva


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