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This past Saturday I had a yard sale at my house.  I cleaned out my entire storage building (you could not set foot in it without worrying something was going to fall on you!).  I had these 2 dressers that used to be in my son's room.

As you can see, the front drawers started to fall apart.  They lasted about 3 years; sad isn't it?  I ended up switching them out for some older, heavy duty ones that used to be my grandmother's.  (I gave those a face-lift too and will try to find the photos to post soon.)  I put these out at the yard sale and kept thinking--"Someone will have a Pinterest idea for these."  

The later on it got, I began thinking about another great blogger friend, Robin, over at Garage Sales R Us.  Robin loves to go to garage sales and get great buys and do remakes.  You should check out what she did for her daughters' bedroom!  This got my creative wheels moving.

We see all types of furniture make overs and remakes on Pinterest these days.  I love what in my own style: trash-the dollar store-and me remade out of trash she found in a field!  Here's the Pinterest pin and a copy of her photo: (notice this is from in my own style's blog)

While I did not decide to go this route, the creativeness of Pinterest and inspiration of Garage Sales R Us actually kept me from hauling these 2 junk dressers to the landfill.  I removed all the drawers from the white set, and then removed the front pieces on all of them, including the handles.  I gave a couple of the front pieces to my father in law and told him I wanted to make some displays for my vendor table at a craft fair I have coming up.  He came up with this:

I spray painted it pink to match my theme.  It's not complete, but it's a start.  I plan to put little nails spaced out on both sides and hang key chains that I made from it.

Next I took 3 of the drawers that were still in tack, and spray painted them pink.

I wish I had photos of all the steps, but it got rather messy.  I wanted to stack these 3 drawers together and make my own sorter box-and I did.  I took E6000 glue and put some in a Styrofoam bowl and was going to use a plastic knife to spread it out on the tops of each drawer.  If I had just squeezed it on the drawers and started stacking them, glue would have spread out the sides making it ugly.  So, I go outside and set down my bowl and get things lined up.  The glue started eating through the bowl!!  It was a mess.  When I tried to squeeze more glue out of my almost used up tube, it busted in the middle and I got the glue all over my hands.

Therefore, no pictures of the process, sorry.

I got the job done though!  I had to work fast.  I squeezed out tiny strips of glue on the top of 2 drawers and spread it with the knife.  I stacked and evened them out, then let it set up for several hours.

I painted the indention's one color and then put white polka dots on it.  Look what I used to make the dots~!

Yep!  I used a chap stick tube!  I filled in the circles with a regular paint brush and let them dry.  I kept the box on it's side to paint these so the paint wouldn't run.

I took one drawer that was completely busted and kept the heavy cardboard liner board from it, painted it and mod podged a scrapbook sheet to it.  Then I took some small nails and attached it to the back of the drawers enclosing my new storage shelf.

Okay, a little update to this post.  I actually started on this post Monday night a week ago, but last week was a little more than the typical hectic.  On top of planning for being a craft vendor at a Memorial Day event, we had more drama than a daytime soap's full week line up could have ever written in to script.  But doing the Memorial Day event was a blessing.  All the proceeds were to help 3 local families whose lives have been affected by cancer and leukemia.  Finding out that one of those families are friends I went to high school with really hit home.  Even when you think things can't get any worse, remember there are those who always have something more going on. 

Be thankful and give praise, even when things go bad.  There is a reason for everything that happens and we may not always understand why, but be thankful anyway.  

That's it for now folks!  I have taken lots of pictures of everything I have worked on this past week and will be sharing it with you real soon.  But for now...


Amy~The Dixie Diva


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