Manic Monday-Craft Fair Planning

Do you ever have one of those days that you don't know where you're at, what you're doing or where you are going?  Well that's the way I'm feeling these days!  I seriously need an agenda for my agenda.

Last week was total bust.  A few nights of storms, another sinus migraine, a 4 year old getting out of the house and missing while I was in the shower-yeah, that happened!  My daughter was asleep and my 4 year old son was in bed, hubby wasn't home.  I took a shower.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I get out and see if he's asleep-he wasn't in his room.  I start calling his name as I walk down the hall-nothing.

Ok, he must have gone out to see the kittens a mama cat so graciously brought up to the porch.  Twice earlier in the day he did that, and both times I thought: "I must not have locked the deadbolt-because I know he can't get that open."  But I can promise you when I got in the shower it was locked/deadbolted/screen latched because I wouldn't have gotten a shower otherwise.


I grab my robe and run outside and start calling his name.  After 5 minutes I tell myself to shut up so I can listen for him.  Faintly I hear him.  The same child that was physically shaken from the thunderstorms had run outside at 10:30 at night, a football field length away in the pitch black dark to our chicken coop looking for Daddy and Paw Paw.  "I can't find Daddy and Paw Paw." he says, oblivious to the terror filled screams of his name I had been calling.

You would have thought he learned his lesson, but he did it again during the day the following afternoon.  That night my husband and I installed a chain on the front door that he can't reach even with his bathroom stool.  It's a wonder my hair hasn't turned solid white!

Also, earlier in the week I signed up to be a vendor at a Memorial Day event in my old hometown.  For some reason I really thought it was a lot longer to Memorial Day than what it was, but the devil has been on my shoulder laughing because he knows he will make me say some dirty words while trying to get ready for this venue.  What.was.I.thinking??

Saturday I had a yard sale, and actually took some things I was getting rid of and decided to make new things with them.  More of that to come later this week.

Oh, and this morning I woke up with a fever blister on my lip. Great.  I am the poster child for the cold sore commercials.  When I get one it lasts for 2-3 weeks, typically looking it's worst at the one week mark.  And what's one week from today?  That's when I'm going to be a craft vendor.  It's no wonder I have a fever blister.  They usually come from over stressed or getting sick.  I really can't afford to be sick.

On the up side, I have been photographing and documenting everything I have been working on to get ready for the vendor set up, and I will show all of that with you.  I'm most excited about tearing apart an old chest of drawers and using parts of it for new storage and show displays.  Curious yet?

Tell me about your Manic Monday and crazy weekend!


Amy~The Dixie Diva


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