Little Girls Sleep Over Party ~ Monday

My daughter has been begging to have her very own sleep over party for quite some time now.  She is about to turn 7, and I wasn't sure we were quite ready for this yet.  I'm still not!  Our original plans were to go out of town for her birthday, but that thing called life came up and we are now planning a last minute party.  I'm excited for her (even though I am secretly cringing at the thought!!).  I do have some great mom friends that have volunteered to stay for a while, so hopefully I'll keep my sanity in check ;-)

I love making things for parties, it'sso much more personal.  I remember growing up, my mom made every one of my birthday cakes.  It would be a surprise most of the time, and the anticipation was always worth the wait.  Eventually she took Wilton Cake Decorating classes and started teaching me.  Then when I became a mom I wanted to carry on that tradition. 

For my daughter's first 2 birthdays I made the cakes.  Then my dear hubby convinced me that buying a store bought cake would be so much less stressful on me.  He was right, I'll admit it.  But it's also more expensive.  My little girl picked a "character cake" and I had to go and get the matching plates, cups, yada yada yada.  Cha ching, cha ching, cha ching.  Ouch.

I've learned over the years (and with 2 children now) some creative ways to pinch a penny and still have a great party.  This week I am going to try to throw together a quick, easy, cheap but super fun party for my little diva.  I'm going to share with you some creations, a lot of them from Pinterest, and see just how thrifty we can get.  Tonight I worked on cup cake wraps and topiary trees for table decor.

My daughter chose a pink and black "theme" for her party and it was going to prove a little difficult to find the right colors in cake liners.  Instead I bought a pack of plain liners for 99 cent, then took to Google to find a cup cake wrapper tutorial.  I printed the template and traced it on to card stock I had on hand.  Here is what I have so far:
For some of the table decor, I decided to try some topiary trees from an idea I spotted on Pinterest.  I took matching card stock from the cup cake wrappers and made 3 the same size.  My wine glasses were short and skinny, so I added some floral brick to the top of the glasses for more height.
Check back each day this week as I show more of the party planning and will hopefully give you inspiration for your own DIY party.



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