Little Girl's Sleep Over Party ~ Wednesday

As the week dwindles down I am getting the final preperations in order for my little girl's first sleep over party.  I told her she could have 2 friends stay the night, 3 at the most.  We are up to 4, possibly 6.  So if you don't hear from me for a while after this weekend then you'll know I didn't survive lol!

On Wednesday I worked on a cake stand made with 2 items from the Dollar Tree: a silver platter and a 6 pack of plastic wine cups.  I wanted to keep in the pink-black-white theme, so I pulled out the trusty paint.  I took one of the plastic cups and painted it hot pink-2 coats. 

Next, I took a pencil and stuck the eraser end into black and white paint to make polka dots.

After it had all dried, I coated it with a finishing spray and let it sit.  It was then time to put it all together.
Because this is a plastic cup, I wanted to weight down the inside before attaching my silver platter to the top.  Too much weight on either side of the platter and over she will go!  I took some more of the glass rocks I had (I had these in vases with artificial flowers that had been stored away for some time) and filled the cup to the top.

I put hot glue all around the rim of the cup and attached the silver platter.


Also on Wednesday, I made candy melt pretzels and dressed up the display box from Tuesday's post.

For the display box, I made ribbon and crepe paper flowers then attached them to the foam core with toothpicks.

To make the ribbon flowers, I took a needle and thread and began to make stitches on the bottom of the ribbon and started cinching it it.  I didn't cut the ribbon from the roll until I had what I felt like was enough.  I used 4 yards of ribbon for these you see pictured.
I then took the crepe paper, waded it up and then flattened it back out for texture, and then accordion folded it.  Simple, cheap, and made with items on hand!

This mom is worn out and the party is not even here yet!  Thursday brings the wall and table decor, candy suckers, and hopefully the home made icing.



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