Little Girl's Sleep Over Party ~ Thursday & Friday

Thursday was more about getting the house cleaned than anything, but I did manage to get a few more party things accomplished.  I made the home made icing and put it in the fridge for Friday, coloring part of it and giving it a chance to set up and become a brighter pink.  I also decorated the table and wall but neglected to get picutes as I was going, but final pictures are coming below.
I got the idea for the streamers and balloons on the wall from this link on Pinterest.  I used tacky finger to secure everything to the wall, which keeps the wall from getting damaged.  Unfortunately the tacky finger was blue, and it showed through.  Easy fix.  I took the same polka dot duck tape I used on the water bottles and ran a strip across the top of the boarder and the table cloth.  I used a matching table cloth to hang on the wall; I didn't think my green wall flowed well ;-)

When I got off work Friday, I had 2 hours until the guests arrived...and then 2 came a half hour early.  I was still getting everything to the table when 5 hungrey little girls were starting to attack.  I made home made pizza rolls from a recipe on Pinterest (that I have used many times), cup cakes, cake poppers (my first attempt with icing and they don't look as good as I had planned-but they were still yummy), a snack mix of Buggles, Gold Fish, and Gold Fish Mix ups.  You will also see the pretzels sticks and flower suckers I made in the picture as well. 

Finally we had ice cream.  I scooped it out ahead of time and placed in cup cake wrappers and refroze them.  When they were ready, I put the ice cream in to the remaining plastic wine glasses I had purchased for the party tray craft.

All and all I think the girls had a great time.  We had home made waffles and muffins for breakfast and now my 2 precious babies are sacked out in the middle of the living room floor.  I think this Dixie Diva is going to curl up on the couch and do the same.

I hope our party ideas inspire someone to do the same!  Please comment or share a link to your own party ideas, I'd love to see what you come up with!



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