Keepin' It Real

It's heartwarming to know that other mom's are as imperfect as I am.  We all tend to hide it as best we can, but let's face it, none of us are She-Ra...we just pretend to be.  I follow several other "mom" blogs that have recently helped me to remember I am human.  Mom's just like me that love to craft and in photos everything looks to perfection.  But behind the scenes is utter chaos just as in my own home.  I'M NOT ALONE!!
Now, I'm OCD to an extent but that does not include being all neat and tidy all the time.  That's not to say that tripping over the same toy three days in a row won't make me a little testy, it's just not my biggest priority.  I like to say that a clean home is not a lived in home and trust me when I say we LIVE in ours!  And for you mom's that can do it all and keep your home all neat and tidy, you go girl!  But are you living on caffeine??  I want to know how you do it and manage to stay sane, especially if you are the mom of 2 or more.
So with all that being said, a fellow crafty mom blogger Crunchy Catholic Momma posted this:
 Take a picture of one of your rooms (the way it really looks when no one is watching).  Blog about it or post a picture on your Flickr, then link to this post at the bottom linky link.  Lets stop pretending our lives are picture perfect, reality is more fun anyway and we can all share in the fact that we are not super heros we are women with real lives who make awesome stuff but forget to scratch off a few things on the To Do list. 
So with that being said, here's my "Keepin it Real" for this week.
This is just one little corner of my office.  Notice the multiple Halloween containers, my shoes I just took off, the mixer that I have desperatley been wanting that still hasn't been used b/c I can't find room on the kitchen counters!  Oh and if you look closely in the corner, you will see the broken drawer leaned up against the art stand.  Don't you love my pop tart box holding my sewing patterns?  If it's a box that can be used in any way, I keep it.
So there you go, just one tiny space in my house that actually looks better than it did a week ago.  My office has slowly become the catch all room.  No where to put it?  Just put it in mom's office.  Alright, I've braved my keepin' it real...anybody else dare to share?


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