End of Year Teacher Gifts: Six Gifts for $14

As summer is approaching, the school year is ending.  You've spent out on spring pictures, yearbooks, possibly graduation supplies, and a list of other things.  Do you really need to buy anything else?  If you are like me, you become guilt ridden and cannot bear the thought of not providing some type of end of year teacher appreciation gift.  After all, these teachers have seen our children more during the past ten months than we have.  Shouldn't we show them how much we appreciate them and all their hard work and dedication? 

So how do you do this without breaking in to the vacation fund?  Especially if you have more than one child, and they have more than one teacher?   I've been trying to master this for the past five years and I have done fairly well.  This year I am really pleased with what I put together. 

We have five teachers to buy for, and a birthday party this weekend.  I have been pinning through Pinterest the past few days and came across a really cute idea titled "Thank you for a picture perfect year."  So, off to the Dollar Tree I went.  Here's what I bought:

3, Two Packs of Popcorn containers
2, Three Packs of Gift Bags
2, Three Packs of Popcorn
Total:  $7.00

Then, I went to the grocery store and purchased:

1, Six Pack of Mini Coca Cola Bottles
6, Packs of M&M's
Total:  $7.00

I wrote on the gift bags "Have a Picture Perfect Summer".  Five teachers and one friend's birthday complete!  I did pick up three more items from the Dollar Tree to go with the friend's birthday, making the total $17 for 6 gifts!!  That's a score in my book.  Here's the photos:

Until next time,

Amy~The Dixie Diva


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