Ruffle Sundress and DIY Leggings to Capri's

It's hard to believe that spring is upon us and summer is right around the corner.  With the warmer weather comes cooler clothes, and the dreaded thought of having to break the bank to by little ones a new wardrobe.  At the rate mine are growing, they are changing a size a season!

This year I have decided to be a little more thrifty.  As I look through my daughter's winter wardrobe it becomes clear to me that once these are put away, she won't be able to wear them next winter.  The first thing I do is pull out all the fleece and thick cotton items like sweat pants and jackets and set them aside.  Now as I scope through what is left, a little brainstorming begins.  What if I can transform the rest of it info summer clothing?  Cut off leggings and make carpi's.  Cut off long sleeves for short ones or even sleeveless. 

Now add to that the new patterns I just received that I am dying to try out.  I've been so busy sewing for other people that I haven't made my little diva anything in a while.  Going in to fashion over load here!!

First I made her a top from the pattern Little Lauren Dress by Little Lizard King.  Next, I wanted some pants to match.  I took a pair of leggings that were getting too short....
and cut off about 6 inches...

Next, I stretched out the width of the leg to see how big it was.  It came to 10 inches. (You can see in the photo above that unstretched it was about 5 inches.)

I took some fabric and cut it 3 1/2 inches by 21 inches.  I finished the edges, and took one long end and folded under twice to make a hem...

Then I folded it in half lengthwise and sewed the right sides together, and ironed the seam open.

I kept it right side out and started to position each one on the legs.  I matched the seam of the fabric to the seam of the pants. Found the middle from the seam and pinned it to the outside of the leg, and then the middle points from there.  Hopefully the picture will make sense...

I started stitching in place, stretching the leggings as I went.  I also ended up cutting off a little more of the leggings.  The great thing about leggings is the material won't ravel up.

Here are some pictures of the finished project.

I love the pattern for this top.  The Little Lizard King has some really great patterns and her instructions are wonderful.  Don't skip any of the steps in the instructions!!  I tried to skip one and throw in my own technique.  DON'T.  Do what she says! :) The instructions are so easy to follow and it's not hard at all. Want to make a top or dress like this of your own?  Click on the link above to be taken right to her site.  You will not be disappointed!

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